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"The music is part of a musical/Astro show"

Dr Carl :" I believe in friendliness and a loving connection between all people and when "game over" or we are "all gone" we will realise that we are all brothers and sisters.

Background or history: The science of Astronomy and Astrology was walking "hand in hand" for more than 5000 years The knowledge was used by kings and whealthy people. In the 17:th Century when astology was known to all it was considered a threat and was banned.

Astrology is a language of symbols and it is an unknown tool to find out who you are. Your sun sign plus the combination of Sun and Moon and eight other planets and more makes a complex pattern (Horoskope) which require skills and years of experience to give a correct analyse of who you are and what your good and bad sides are and what you need to work with to develop.

Astro Music is my attempt to give you an impression of how I experience astrological signs, planets and their archetypes and characteristics.

Would you like to work with me or have any questions please : Email me!